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Posted September 06, 2008
What's this? Find a job at Job Duck dot com? Must be Louie's lucky day!
Here we go again…
Posted June 23, 2008

Looks like I haven’t put anything up over the past, say, few months or so. Oh well. Much as I’d like to have a new strip up every day, or even just every OTHER day, I’ve had to admit it I’m not ever going to be able to. Teaching takes up too much time and energy and it always will.
I do want to keep the site up and I will try out that last plan I came up with of doing the daily illustrated journal using the Loser bros. I mean, it can’t be any more boring than my own boring life of endless corrections, right? Plus, I get three different characters to pick from, together, alone or in pairs. More if I use the secondary characters too! I’ll try one drawing every single day and at some point in the summer, when I’ve got the beat back, I’ll try continuing with the comic strip story, maybe once a week or something.
Anyways, with my classes over for the summer and the school-work winding down, it once again looks like it’s time to give it a try.
Trying something new!
Posted February 03, 2008

So my main problem here has been to find the time to draw something here every day. It takes me about four hours to do a strip and in between teaching and my personal life, it’s time I just don’t have. For a good long while I was putting up pages from my cartoon diary instead but I don’t wanna do that anymore. Then the other day it hit me: Why not take the cartoon diary FORMAT and use the Loser bros. as source material instead of my own boring life?
I wish I’d thought of that two months back…
I’ll try to start up again every other day and when I get back into the swing of things we’ll see. I’d really like to have something or other up every day.
Also, it looks like there’s an Amazon store on the site now. I know it’s something my good friend Al wanted to try out but I guess it hasn’t worked out so good with me giving up for two months. Eh. Seems like it’s mostly random Star Trek stuff right now but maybe when he’s got some time we can try putting up books I actually enjoy.
One year down! FUCK!
Posted October 13, 2007

Looks like it’s been a year already since I started this website. Things haven’t gone quite as smoothly as I wouldv’e liked, true. On the other hand I’m still here! Sporadically…

My original plan of a strip every day has first given way to something every day and recently not even that. Finding the time to work on the strip is my main problem right now. Those two hours I’d need every day are getting harder and harder to find. Even as I’m writing this I’m watching the clock!

I ain’t giving up though! Not that I’m one of those idiots who don’t know when to quit because I do know when and that was before I even got started. I’m not too proud to quit either! I’d quit in a second if pride was all that kept me going: SLOTH is the king of me! All other sins take a back seat to my awesome lack of giving an utter shit. No, only one thing keeps me going…


I’m gonna keep doing this as much as I can for as long as I can. Maybe not daily. Maybe not dependably. But I’ll keep doing it with my last spiteful breath if need be. Because of spite.

So there.
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